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DADDY LONG LEGS-Blood From A Stone DADDY LONG LEGS Blood From A Stone
New full length from this blues wailing trio, reminiscent of Howlin Wolf, Captain Beefheart and Dr. Feelgood.
CD 15,00 €
DEADNECK-Levitation DEADNECK Levitation
This stoner/blues/metal band from Joutseno, Finland create a sound that could have been dragged from the swamps of New Orleans. Throughout the six tracks, the band experiment with psychedelic sounds and droning doom.
CD 15,00 €
DESERT WIZARDS-Beyond The Gates Of The Cosmic DESERT WIZARDS Beyond The Gates Of The Cosmic
2017 album by Italian hard psych/prog band.
CD 16,50 €
DRYWATER-Backbone Of The Nation DRYWATER Backbone Of The Nation
Reissue of this 1973 rural Pennsylvania album. The sound is essentially split between two dominant modes: alternating moody, dejected, melancholy folky rock with wasted, proto-punk garage fuzz. The album was recorded and mixed direct to tape in just a few hours. Things switch between a slightly surf-tinged ringing reverb tone and fuzz figures.
CD 12,50 €
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