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LES LEKIN-Died With Fear LES LEKIN Died With Fear
(PLEASE NOTE: ANNOUNCED RELEASE DATE IS THE 1ST OF DECEMBER)2nd album by heavy psych stoner doom trio from Salzburg, Austria.
CD 12,50 €
LORENZEN, UFFE-Galmandsvaerk LORENZEN, UFFE Galmandsvaerk
Uffe Lorenzen (a.k.a. Lorenzo Woodrose) is known as the frontman of Baby Woodrose and Spids Nogenhat, but from now on he'll record in Danish while using his real name. This album contains 10 psych rock songs that sound as if Baby Woodrose, Spids Nogenhat and Dragontears have joined forces to blend into something new, partly reminiscent of Roky Erickson. The sound of the album is mostly acoustic with many exotic instruments such as sitar, tablas, bansuri, hurdy gurdy and violin, but also healthy doses of fuzz.
CD 18,00 €
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