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RE-STONED-Stories Of The Astral Lizard RE-STONED Stories Of The Astral Lizard
Moscow based instrumental trio offer a special electroacoustics gentle psychedelic album, for the first time there are no heavy riffs and loud drums.
CD 16,00 €
RING VAN MOBIUS-Past Of The Evening Sun RING VAN MOBIUS Past Of The Evening Sun
Debut album by Norwegian progressive power trio (Hammond Organ, bass and drums), influenced by a.o. Van Der Graaf Generator, King Crimson and ELP.
CD 14,50 €
ROLAND VAN CAMPENHOUT-Folksongs From A Non-existing Land ROLAND VAN CAMPENHOUT Folksongs From A Non-existing Land
Repetitive, hypnotic, ghostly blues & folk songs by Gent, Belgien based singer/songwriter.
CD 17,50 €
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