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V/A-The Glory Boy Mod Radio Show Case, Vol. 3 V/A The Glory Boy Mod Radio Show Case, Vol. 3
A tasteful selection of recordings by the current generation of mod stalwarts, hailing from England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Sweden and the USA. Featured bands include The Purple Hearts, The Threads, The Grey Skies, Chordie, The Shadowland, The Five Faces, The Moot, Drums & Wires UK, Fanscene, Idel Talk, Proper, The Laissez Fairs, Chris Casey Combo 66, Thee Strawberry Mind, The Gallerys and others.
CD 15,00 €
VEIRS, LAURA-The Lookout VEIRS, LAURA The Lookout
Seattle based singer/songwriter offers fine psych-folk/pop songs. Features contributions by Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and Sufjan Stevens. Contains a cover version of 'Mountains of Thee Moon' (Grateful Dead).
CD 17,00 €
VOID CRUISER-Overstaying My Welcome VOID CRUISER Overstaying My Welcome
Psychedelic stoner rock with desert rock vibes, presented by a band from Finland. This is an expanded reissue of their 2015 debut-album.
CD 13,00 €
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