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V/A-Brown Acid: The Seventh Trip V/A Brown Acid: The Seventh Trip
Ten more doses of rare hard rock, heavy psych and proto-metal.
CD 12,50 €
V/A-Cornflake Zoo 15 V/A Cornflake Zoo 15
Another frivolous dose of acid-mod and freakbeat dementia from the European cosmos. Included are tracks from Dutch '60s bands s.a. The Motions, The Haigs (ft. Golden Earring front man Barry Hay), After Tea and popsike giants Zen, Swedish heroes Ola And The Janglers, and many more... This release includes a 20-page full-colour booklet with liner notes.
CD 16,00 €
V/A-Curiosity Shop, Vol. 7 V/A Curiosity Shop, Vol. 7
Another compelling chapter from the 'Enpsychlopedia Britannica'. Overground, underground, wherever you may be, this is the sound of bygone late '60s Britpop. The 24-page booklet features background info and rare colour pix.
CD 16,00 €
V/A-English Freakbeat 1962-69, Vol. 1-6 V/A English Freakbeat 1962-69, Vol. 1-6
Presented with mono sound in a box set, includes an 68 page booklet. Features The Groundhogs, The Primitives, The Rats, The Sheffields, The Chasers, The Loot, Birds Birds, MI5, Kubas (a.k.a. Koobas), Soul Agents, The Shake Spears, The Frays, The Beat Merchants, The Sessions, The Talismen, The Wheels, The In Crowd, The Peeps, Stovepipe No. 4, The Fairies, The Others, Four+One, The Truth, The Hi-Numbers, The Snobs and many more.
6CD 39,00 €
V/A-Girls In The Garage Vol. 7-12 V/A Girls In The Garage Vol. 7-12
This compilation series is now restored and brought back to life with remastered audio. Included is a 68 page booklet. Features an international selection of '60s garage, beat and yé yé girl groups and artists s.a. The Nightingales, The Weekends, The She's, Tammy & The Bachelors, The Liverbirds, Joy Sisters, The Beas, Jacqueline Taieb, Manuela (& Drafi), Los Spitfires, The Indigos, Die Sweetles, Nancy Sit, The Birdies, The Loved Ones, Clothilde, Anne Philippe, Karo, Liz Brady and many others.
6CD 39,00 €
VESPERO-Hollow Moon VESPERO Hollow Moon
Vespero were formed in 2003 in Astrakhan, South Russia and have released 9 studio albums and many live recordings. This album combines space-prog rock, acoustic-ethno and psychedelic-ambient elements.
CD 13,00 €
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