MOOF  -  Issue 2

MOOF-Issue 2 Band MOOF
Record Issue 2
Label MOOF
Genre 60s and 70s
Psych/Space/Power Pop
Folk/Folk Rock/Acid Folk/Singer-Songwriter
Format MAG
Preis 10,00 €

40+ pages of articles and interviews on psychedelic music, film, culture, and art. Free Moof postcard included. Psychedelic folk luminary Mark Fry talks about his musical beginnings, the making of acidfolk masterpiece 'Dreaming With Alice', his experience in Italy during the Years of Lead, being a painter, and an upcoming release. Also featured: The GTOs, Alison O'Donnell (Mellow Candle), O.W.L, the Hyde Park free concerts, Jack Hopkin's Curiosity Shoppe, Wermod's psych-soul record rundown, Judy Dyble, UFOria & Swinging London, Caetano & Gil, The Beatles' Apple Boutique and more.