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V/A-Brown Acid: The Fourteenth Trip V/A Brown Acid: The Fourteenth Trip
(PLEASE NOTE: UPCOMING RELEASE: ANNOUNCED RELEASE DATE: 15.7.22) Long-lost vintage '60s-'70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles.
CD 13,50 €
V/A-Heavy Psych Sampler VIII V/A Heavy Psych Sampler VIII
01. Alunah - Silver 02. B.U.S. - Fallen 03. Big Scenic Nowhere - LeDu 04. Black Rainbows - Desert Sun 05. Decasia - Hroshvelli's Ode 06. Duel - Children Of The Fire 07. Endtime - Living Graves 08. Hazemaze - Ceremonial Aspersion 09. Hot Lunch - Handy Denny 10. Josiah - Malpaso 11. Karma To Burn - Thirty Two 12. Kadabra - Graveyard 13. Kylesa - Quicksand 14. Nebula - So It Goes 15. Sleepwulf - Sex Magic Manifestation 16. Solarius - Universal Trial 17. Stöner - A Million Beers 18. Witchpit - The Weight Of Death
CD 6,50 €
V/A-Tribute To Jethro Tull V/A Tribute To Jethro Tull
Prog/art rock musicians were gathered to pay homage. Includes performances by Magellan, Dream Theater's Derek Sherinian, keyboard legend Keith Emerson, Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera, blues artist Charles Musselwhite and more. Originally released in 1996, this collection has been revamped with new artwork and packaging.
CD 18,50 €
VIBRAVOID-A Sparkle in the Twilight VIBRAVOID A Sparkle in the Twilight
(PLEASE NOTE: UPCOMING RELEASE: ANNOUNCED RELEASE DATE: 8.7.22) Düsseldorf based sound magicians offer colorful pop in the spirit of the flower children, the Electric Prunes, the Seeds or Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd.
CD 15,00 €
VIBRAVOID-Phasenvoid 1992-1997 VIBRAVOID Phasenvoid 1992-1997
Creamcheese 1967, Germany's first psychedelic discotheque, Gerhard Richter, Joseph Beuys, Günther Ücker, Kraftwerk and NEU!, they created Düsseldorf blueprints of art and pop culture. Vibravoid have taken over the artistic direction of Creamcheese, which was honored in the Guggenheim Museum, for example, and revived as a major art happening in collaboration with H.A. Schult. 'Phasenvoid' includes a Vibravoid interview from 1997, which paints a first-hand picture of the 1990s. Kraut and psychedelic rock, theremin, sitar, light show and the underground - if you are looking for the beginnings of the current music scene, you will find them here...
2CD 17,50 €
VIBRAVOID-The Clocks that Time forgot VIBRAVOID The Clocks that Time forgot
(PLEASE NOTE: UPCOMING RELEASE: ANNOUNCED RELEASE DATE: 12.8.22) Sound artists from Düsseldorf release their 3rd studio album of German Neo-Psychedelic and Kraut Rock for 2022.
CD 15,00 €
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