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V/A-A Slight Disturbance In My Mind V/A A Slight Disturbance In My Mind
PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS OF 1966' - Featuring 84 tracks, this compilation examines the "experimental pop" element of the British music scene.
3 CD 31,00 €
V/A-Cornflake Zoo 21 V/A Cornflake Zoo 21
23 examples of '60s (freak-)beat, garage rock and psychedelic pop, recorded by bands from a.o. Holland, Denmark, Germany and Portugal.
CD 13,50 €
V/A-Far East! Far Out! V/A Far East! Far Out!
RUBBLE UK Upcoming
(PLEASE NOTE: UPCOMING RELEASE: ANNOUNCED RELEASE DATE: 10.7.20) Collection (over 150 tracks) of '60s and early '70s beat, garage-rock and psych from various Asian countries and scenes, all of which added their own exotic twists and flavours to the music. Featured groups include The Golden Cups, The Mops, The Spiders, The Out Cast, Sakura & The Quests, The Gullivers, The Savage, The Thunderbirds, The Cyclones, The Dynamics, The Straydogs and many, many more. Comes with an 80-PAGE booklet.
6CD 33,00 €
V/A-Magic In The Air Two V/A Magic In The Air Two
RUBBLE UK Upcoming
(PLEASE NOTE: UPCOMING RELEASE: ANNOUNCED RELEASE DATE: 10.7.20) 75 cuts of UK popsike, freakbeat and related genres from the years 1965-1971. Among the featured bands/artists are: The Koobas, Picadilly Line, Eyes Of Blue, Bulldog Breed, July, Skip Bifferty, Paul& Barry Ryan, Tomorrow, Affinity and many more. The included 80-page full-colour perfect bound booklet contains rare photos, detailed biographies and full discographies.
3CD+BK 26,00 €
V/A-Occasional Rain V/A Occasional Rain
ACE  Upcoming
The sound of young bands from the 60s/70s experimenting in a period of flux, feeling for a new direction, exploring jazz and folk. Feat. : Traffic, Duncan Browne, Cressida, Keith West, Skin Alley. Clouds, Mandy More, Moody Blues, Yes, Pete Brown & Piblokto, Argent, Michael Chapman, Christine Harwood, Andrew Leigh, Catherine Howe, Mott The Hoople, more.
CD 19,00 €
VESPERO-The Four Zoas VESPERO The Four Zoas
(PLEASE NOTE: UPCOMING RELEASE: ANNOUNCED RELEASE DATE: 10.7.20) Vespero were formed in 2003 in Astrakhan, South Russia and create a blend of space-prog rock, acoustic-ethno and psychedelic-ambient elements.
CD 15,00 €
VIBRAVOID-The Decomposition Of Noise VIBRAVOID The Decomposition Of Noise
2020 studio album by neo-psychedelic German rock crew combines elements of Pop, experimental Psychedelic and Krautrock.
CD 12,50 €
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