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CARR, IAN-Belladonna CARR, IAN Belladonna
MR. BONGO  Upcoming
Half-speed mastered reissue of British trumpeter and bandleader Ian Carr's jazz-fusion-rock album from 1972. Features UK jazz musicians, comprised from Nucleus, Brian Auger's band, Soft Machine, Stan Tracy group. Offers a prog-rock sensibility from Holdsworth's exceptional guitar playing.
CD 14,00 €
COSMIC JOKERS-Galactic Supermarket COSMIC JOKERS Galactic Supermarket
Originally released in 1974, this LP was the result of several all-night psychedelic jam sessions by krautrock group of Klaus Schulze and Manuel Göttsching of Ash Ra Temple and Jurgen Dollase and Harald Grosskopf of Wallenstein (on mellotron and drums) with the occasional vocals provided by Rosi Muller and Gille Lettmann.
CD 16,50 €
CREAM-Live In Sweden And The USA CREAM Live In Sweden And The USA
Radio broadcast recordings of the British trio, performing in Sweden and the US in 1967 and '68. Includes a 32-page booklet.
4CD 24,00 €
CULT OF DOM KELLER-They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O. CULT OF DOM KELLER They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O.
4-piece from the British Midlands that offers dark, experimental, goth-tinged psych with prog leanings. This is one of their heaviest and most adventurous works to date.
CD 12,50 €
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