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CHEMISTRY SET-Paint Me A Dream/The Witch CHEMISTRY SET Paint Me A Dream/The Witch
Outfit from the late '80s UK neo-psychedelic scene, known for their ability to interpret obscure (but classic) psychedelic songs. The A-side employs layered multiple rhythm guitars to create a wall of sound, riffs were put through vintage fuzz, tremolo and '60s tape delays, offering different textures and dynamics. For 'The Witch' the band crafted a Bee Gees-inspired five-part Gregorian chant to achieve the desired ethereal vibe, while a bit of Red Krayola-style free-form-freak-out later in the song adds a new twist to Mark Fry's obscure classic. Used were a collection of instruments, including Persian setar, acoustic cigar box guitar, strangely tuned 12 string acoustic, vintage keyboards, various ethnic percussive instruments. Both songs are influenced by Arthur Lee and Love, Syd Barrett, Jimi Hendrix, Tomorrow, The Electric Prunes and Ennio Morricone.
7'' 11,50 €
PARAGONS (USA/NC)-Abba/Better Man Than I PARAGONS (USA/NC) Abba/Better Man Than I
First released in 1966, this US smash garage platter gets reissued, including its original flip (a Yardbirds cover), remastered audio and a 12-page booklet featuring liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things magazine).
7'' 12,50 €
PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT-Enormous Highs/Silver Girl PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT Enormous Highs/Silver Girl
The A-sides offers a fuzz metal rave-up, fully realized by Earle Mankey's Beatlesque production. 'Silver Girl' - features Anthony Saffery of Cornershop on sitar - is heavy psych-tinged power pop.
7'' 11,50 €
SEEDS-Vampire/Butterfly Child SEEDS Vampire/Butterfly Child
Daryl Hooper, the only surviving original member from 1960s garage-psych avatars has reclaimed his birthright with a new and powerful set of Seeds personnel: band historian Alec Palao on bass, singer/frontman Paul Kopf, Mark Bellgraph on guitar and Justin Smith on drums. They recorded new material with the same spirit that made the original Seeds discs so evocative. The guitars fizz and throb, the drums grind and groove, and Daryl's piano and organ parts remain as spookily compelling as ever.
7'' 11,50 €
TURNSTYLE-Riding A Wave/Trot TURNSTYLE Riding A Wave/Trot
SOLUTION  Upcoming
Massive psychedelic sound from 1968.
7'' 15,00 €
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