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Q65-The Life We Live Q65 The Life We Live
(PLEASE NOTE: UPCOMING RELEASE: ANNOUNCED RELEASE DATE: 5.6.24) From Den Haag in Holland, Q 65 were among the Netherland's wildest garage, R & B, beat, psych groups of the 1960s. This is the definitive Q65 anthology, presenting their complete recorded works 1966-2000, all sourced from the original master tapes. Along with all of the group's albums and singles, and Frank Nuijens' 1971 solo album 'Rainman,' the collection includes previously unreleased outtakes, alternate mono and stereo mixes and live recordings. Includes a 216-page hardcover coffee table book with detailed liner notes by Mike Stax, along with a lot of stuff, some of it sourced from the personal archives of the band members.
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